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Kevin Trinh

Created 2017

Burnt Satin, Palladium Leaf, and Acrylic on round Canvas

Dolphins are poetically synonymous to water, aside from cultural and religious symbolism. The shimming sunlight reflected during the golden hours on the dolphins is a metaphor for the ephemeral and precious water and life itself. Cruel human industrialization has led to some species extinct while others critically endangered.

Baiji, Vaquita porpoise, Maui’s dolphin, Hector’s dolphin, Indus and Ganges River dolphins are presented in place of six white stripes and seven red bands in between them to resonate the American flag. The fifty stars are replaced with the up-side-down Eiffel Tower in a burnt blue leaf background, a transformed symbol of the Paris Agreement.

The environmental catastrophes are becoming more and more fatal - rising global temperatures, extreme weather fluctuations and wildfires are just a few. The existential risks for other living beings environmentally coexist with ours. Are the divine shimmering melodies of the precious life sustaining oceans turning into screams of infernal bloodbath?
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