Detail Page


Vanessa Stefanova

Created in 2022

"Vanessa had been looking for plant pots and came across a listing where the owner had a cat statue and next to it a zebra statue, the zebra had been cut off in the photo so for a moment she thought she'd been looking at a cat with zebra stripes. So she painted a cat with zebra stripes.

Vanessa wanted to include aspects from a recent paintings 'Self Portrait as Caravaggio as Bacchus' as she enjoyed painting the leaf that folds with the table, this time painting it with an excessive amount of leaves and as if the cat is a zebra as Bacchus. This time with more aspects that she calls Bacchus... ""If this cat's going to be a god of wine then it should be in total control of the vines. So the vines float up around the cat-zebra. I'm also a fan of animals not being perfect in my paintings so I painted this one with an amputated leg, replaced with a wheel.""

This artwork isn't a hand-stretched one and hooks will be attached on sale. Certificate of authenticity will be specially printed after I've made another 17 paintings, you'll receive a temporary one until then."